Elisabetta Benassi
Tutti morimmo a stento
I 2004, 13'51'', keine Dialoge/no dialogues, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

After a slow close-up of the painting »The Parable of the Blind«, by Pieter Brueghel Senior, we are suddenly among the scrap in a car breaker’s yard, where we see some motorcyclists, half human, half machine, lying abandoned. They are the remnants of unsuccessful experiments, they are alive, but no longer of any use. The crusher is ready to devour them. A raven on high observes the scene.

Credits: director, screenplay: Elisabetta Benassi dop: Elisabetta Benassi, Emiliano Fiore editor: Paola Fornasier music: Arvo Pärt cast: Mario Carola, Maurizio Cecca, Christian Mohora, Roberto Perciballi, Alessandro Piangiamore, Massimo Plescia, Mamadou Sarr, Stefano Silvia, Simone Tagliaro.

Production: Elisabetta Benassi Distribution: Elisabetta Benassi

Holger Mader / Heike Wiermann Yawning Void D 2004, 11'47'', deutsch, Farbe/colour,, Beta SP

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

Corridors, halls, shafts and rooms in a labyrinthine hotel world recall the simulated worlds of video games. The placelessness and timelessness of the things and rooms give the person in the video no chance to rest. The work against the emptiness and characterlessness of the things is existential. But all paths and actions lead nowhere, the way back has been cut off and the scene starts again in slightly modified form.

Credits: director, screenplay: Holger Mader, Heike Wiermann dop, Schnitt/editor: Holger Mader music: Echo Ho cast: Heinz Keller

Paul Ritt Melt NL 2005, 4', keine dialoge/no dialougues, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

Freedom of movement! This non-narrative film is made up of recorded digital video combined with structure patterns processed on the computer. The work evolves through different stages in which every part will find it's place within the whole of the composition

Credits: director, screenplay, dop, editor: Paul Ritt music: Chris Toliver

Attila Szucs The last Sentence Ungarn 2005, 2'25'', englisch, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

»The primary objective of this work is to examine the self-referencing of these images, the comparative approach of different, often incompatible identities. My approach is dominated by relative reservedness and absence. Making use of the elements of medialised culture I confront often incompatible identities, playing both with the convertibility of the given space (and context) and the image.« (Attila Szûcs)

Credits: director, screenplay: Attila Szûcs dop, editor: Imre Lepsényi

Production: Attila Szucs Distribution: Attila Szucs

Vishal Shah Seek Assistance GB 2005, 3''03'', keine Dialoge/no dialogues, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

#Seek Assistance is an aesthetically dark personal myth projected as noise and interference which intensifies with intrigue and mystery. The investigation of micro materials is echoed by intricate lighting effects that appear to print the subject upon one’s eye. This micro interplay between sight and sound hints at macro forms that exist past the light, beyond any sound, and ultimately transcend the physical frame.
Credits: director, screenplay: Vishal Shah dop: Roddy Canas editor: Vishal Shah, Adam Stansbie music: Adam Stansbie cast: Seb Humprey, Lewis Campbell

Production: Vishal Shah Distribution: Vishal Shah

Sietske Tjallingii The General NL 2004, 3', keine Dialoge/no dialogues, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

#The General is a biting satire on patriotism and military power in post-September 11 America. With the subversive wit of Chaplin's #The Great Dictator, director Sietske Tjallingii cuts the Superpower down to size.

Credits: director, screenplay, editor: Sietske Tjallingii dop: Ben Geraerts music: Dave Hemmingway cast: Eric Staller and his BOOTANK

Hillary Mushkin The Sleep of Reason USA 2004, 6'36'', keine Dialoge/no dialogues, Farbe/colour, DVD
23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

#The Sleep of Reason is comprised of three interlocking segments. Reversed Fourth of July fireworks turn into a hand traced version of the familiar night footage of Baghdad being bombed. The animated war dissolves into computer generated light effects moving in an initially ordered succession that turns chaotic, and then fades back into the inverted Fourth of July footage. During the slow transitions, the segments start to look very much like each other, drawing both a visual and conceptual analogy between the three subjects.

Credits: director, screenplay, dop, editor, music: Hillary Mushkin

Production: Hillary Mushkin Distribution: Hillary Mushkin

Stuart Pound Video Graffito GB 2005, 9', englisch, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

Computer technology provides us with the tools to appropriate national television broadcasts for our own agenda. For instance the famous TV interview by Prime Minister Tony Blair, seeking re-election and trying to justify the war in Iraq.

Credits: director, dop, editor: Stuart Pound cast: Jeremy Paxman, Tony Blair

Artur Zmijewski Repetition Polen 2005, 39', polnisch, Farbe/colour, englisch UT, Beta SP

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

In #Repetition, his most recent work, prepared especially for the Polish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Żmijewski recreates Philip Zimbardo’s famous prison experiment. Contemporary psychology regards the experiment as too dangerous.A group of men, randomly allotted the roles of prisoners and guards, is put into confinement in conditions resembling a real prison. The 1971 experiment showed that its subjects, put into the situation, very quickly identify with the roles assigned to them.

Credits: director: Artur Żmijewski screenplay: Artur Żmijewski dop: Magdalena Mosiewicz, Bartek Ciesielski, Kuba Kowalczyk, Jacek Malinowski, Robert Mleczko, Tomasz Szołtys, Jurand Węgrzyn, Rafał Żwirek editor: Leszek Molski sound: Marcin Bociński cast: Jarosław Bienias, Artur Budniakiewicz, Dariusz Juszczak, Mariusz Bulski, Piotr Śliwowski, Marcin Saniewski, Marcin Ilczuk, Łukasz Mazur, Piotr Łagoda, Artur Kobylański, Marcin Karpiński, Marek Abramek, Piotr Kozera, Rafał Falęcki, Konrad Gręda, Aleksander Kowalik

Distribution: Zacheta Narodowa Galeria Sztuk, Warzawa

Sookoon Ang Let Go Aviary Singapur 2004, 3'20'', englisch, Farbe/colour & S/W/b/w, englisch UT, Beta SP

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

With oneself to mind. Solitary without solitude. Imagination at liberty.

Credits: director, screenplay, dop, editor, cast: SooKoon Ang

Production: Sookoon Ang Distribution: Sookoon Ang

Paul Rowley / David Phillips Microfiche:Diamond Trade Irland/USA 2004, 5', englisch, Farbe/colour, DVD

23.10.2005 18:00, Museum Ludwig

On the night of the 27th of April, 1974, members of an armed IRA gang stole nineteen paintings worth a total of £8 million, including works by Gainsborough, Vermeer, and Velásquez. The gang demanded the return of Irish republican prisoners from England as well as £500,000 in ransom money. The film uses the now outdated microfiche archiving technology to research this crime, and finds the most astonishing background information...

Credits: director, screenplay, dop, editor music, cast: Paul Rowley, David Phillips, Anna Hall, Richard House, Frank Oudeman

Production: Paul Rowley Distribution: Paul Rowley