This is not poetry! (collapse of emotions)


Figural Art from the Collections of Robert Runták

Curator: Martin Gerboc

9/6 – 10/7/2016

Castle Brewery, Jiráskova 133, Litomyšl
open daily 10 - 18 hrs or until the concert in the evening
opening: 9/6/2016 from 18:00

HARMONIE: The collapse of feelings

From left to right: Alexander Tinei, Josef Bolf, Martin Gerboc, Attila Szűcs

Opening speech by Robert Runtak

From left to right: Martin Gerboc, Jane Neal, Mark Sanders, Milos, Attila Szűcs, Erika Deák, Alexander Tinei, Robert Runták

From left tor right: Attila Szűcs, Erika Deák, Jane Neal, Martin Gerboc