Making Windows Where There Were Once Walls

 25/1-26/3 2017

An Exhibition of Robert Runtak's International Collection

Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě

Jurečkova 9, 702 00 Ostrava

Curated by Jane Neal

The title of the exhibition (and essay), suggests an opening into an area that was once closed or even firmly walled up. There is a hint of something covert, perhaps voyeuristic or linked to surveil-lance - both of which are growing concerns in our contemporary age and pertinent to our time. Conversely, making windows into walls could be interpreted from an extremely positive perspec-tive. It evokes the breakdown of taboos, an escape from the mundane through the extraordinary power of the artistic imagination, and thus the ability to confront the ills of the modern condition through the freedom of creativity.

Making Windows Where There Were Once Walls provides an opportunity for the public to view a selection of paintings and works on paper from the international part of Robert Runtak's private collection. The exhibition endeavours to present common themes, but also to reveal two very par-ticular threads which weave together throughout each of the show's four sections: an acute aware-ness of the individual amidst the changing nature of contemporary society, and a uniquely artistic understanding and appreciation of the power of the human spirit. 
Jane Neal

Vystavení umělci / Artists featured at the exhhibition:

Radu Baies, Tilo Baumgärtel, Giampaolo Bertozzi,
Norbert Bisky, Zsolt Bodoni, Alin Bozbiciu, Cornel Burgert, Jonas Burgert, Stefano dal Monte Casoni, Dinos Chapman,
Jake Chapman, Kis Roka Csaba , Martin Eder, Tim Eitel,
Oana Farcas, Robert Fekete, Michael Kunze, Haruko Maeda, Marin Majic, Justin Mortimer, Leopold Rabus, Daniel Richter, Serban Savu, George Shaw, Mircea Suciu, Attila Szucs, Alexander Tinei, Szabolcs Veress, Caroline Walker,
Jonathan Wateridge, Craig Wyliee

Photos from the opening:

Petr Vanous, Justin Mortimer, Alexander Tinei, Attila Szucs, Martin Gerboc (Ostrava)

Jane Neal

Attila Szücs, Tim Eitel, Alexander Tinei