Opening: November 24th 18.00 November 1995
in the Studio Exhibition Hall (MŰ-TEREM KIÁLLÍTÓ)
(1017, Budapest, Dohány u. 16-18)
Open: November 24th-December 3rd. 0-24hrs.

A twenty-eight year old artist who paints paintings in the traditional manner (oil on canvas).
So this is why he most resembles the poet who, choosing regular verse forms, writes according to the regulations (limitations) of the given genre. This self-imposed limitation, this renunciation of means, appears within the painting itself. Most of Attila Szucs’ pictures are extraordinarily simply constructed and visually puritan. It seems to me that these landscape-like works are structured on a visible or only virtually present horizontal line: here if you please is above and below, near and far. Of course relatively speaking.
And there are quite a few borderline cases, contradictions and self-contradictions, apart from oil on canvas there is the quotation of everything in the world and its placement in quotation marks. Or perhaps not: in this quasi landscape goodbye is goodbye, the small sculpture angels pressed into the paint diapostively are angels. While looking at the picture the heterogeneity within the work leads to something which I could call textual. Which is why in Attila Szucs case it is worth looking at as in 20th century Hungarian art multicoding is the norm, while he operates as a real poeta doctus: for example he can be authentically sentimental.
(Task: Let’s us consider who is saying goodbye to whom?)

János Szoboszlai

1995 Szűcs Attila GOODBYE pdf