“Face to Face: The artists and the collector”

7 March 2012- 30 July 2012

Frissiras Museum presents, at its building at 3 Monis Asteriou, Plaka, the painting
exhibition “Face to Face: The artists and the collector”
The exhibition is an ambitious attempt to depict the extremely complex and peculiar
relationship between the collector Vlassis Frissiras and the artists he has been related in the past 40
years of his collecting activity, through a series of 200 self-portraits of the artists and portraits of
Vlassis Frissiras. In essence, the exhibition presents the visual dynamic web of deep human
relations that are characterized by creative interaction, mutual respect, honest friendship and
sometimes confrontation, which has stemmed the creation of numerous exceptional works of art
and the creation of unbreakable personal bonds. At the same time, the attempt is made to portrait
Vlassis Frissiras' psyche, an enigmatic collector who has left his mark in the Greek Visual arts scene
of the last 40 years. George Lappas, states -in the catalogue of the exhibition-: “... Living and
exhibiting at the two exceptional buildings of the Frissiras museum, Vlassis Frissiras, behaves like a
ingenious and astute director of a human visual panorama....”. I sense an everlasting thirst compels
him not only to show an army of works of art, but also to underline the “human race” itself. That is
the reason these works are perceived by the beholder not so much as representations, but more like
groups of characters that reside in the same room and walk up and down the stairs to meet him”.
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The exhibition presents works by the following artists:

Adami Valerio, Arroyo Edouardo Amarantos Michalis,, Pat Andrea, Asargiotaki Kalliopi, Veroukas
Alexis, Valavanidis Yiannis, Wnek Gzregorz, Georgiou Apostolos, Giannakaki Maria, Gravalos
Panayiotis, Daskalakis Stefanos, Zampoura Marilena, Zisiou Michalis, Theodoropoulou Elina,
Κanuto Calan, Kafida Ioanna, Kerestentzis Kostas, Ksiazek Bogumil, Kontellis Andreas, Krystalla
Aspasia, Kyriazi Pelagia, Lappas Giorgos, Leglise Frederic, Madenis Michalis, Mantzavinos
Tassos, Manousakis Michalis, Makris Thanassis, Markidis Christos, Markopoulos Kostas, Marouda
Kalliroi, Martinelli Andrea, Mertilis Aris, Michalakopoulou Eleni, Beldekos Panayiotis, Bitsakis
Manolis, Boviatsou Labrini, Bocoros Christos, Botsoglou Chronis, Mytaras Dimitris, Ntaoulas
Kostas, Xafopoulou Alexia, Xiang Shi, Papakostas Achileas, Pasieka Simon, Patraskidis
Triantafullos, Pavlopoulou Eleni, Perat Emmanuelle, Pistonis Achilleas, Roig Bernardi, Rorris
Giorgos, Sacaillan Edouard, Sarassitis Dimitris, Selimas Vassilis, Skoulakis Dimos, Soulis Vassilis,
Szucs Attila, Spyropoulos Giorgos, Stamatiadi Daniella, Stefanou Marianna, Tataris Dimitris,
Tzamouranis Dimitris, Tinei Alexander, Todorovic Milos, Tsakiris Antonis, Tsoklis Kostas,
Fassianos Alekos, Feidakis Panos, Filopoulou Maria, Chadoulis Giorgos, Chadoulou Katerina,
Chandris Pantelis, Chouliaras Nikos.