The world won't listen

BSA @ Galleri Franz Pedersen
August 30 - Sept 29 2013, Horsens, Denmark

Gábor A. Nagy, Adam Bota, Konstantin Déry, Enda O'Donoghue, Nikolai Makarov, Juan Miguel Pozo, Alejandro Rodríguez González, Steffi Stangl, Stepanek & Maslin, Attila Szücs
Curator: Uwe Goldenstein

I am honoured and delighted to be able to present the BSA group of artists for the first time in Galleri Franz Pedersen. BSA (Berlin Selected Artists), established in 2010, is the result of over ten years of research into contemporary figurative European painting. This exhibition brings together some of the most compelling works from the studios of these artists to present an in-depth profile of the painting scene of Berlin in 2013. A common thread running through all works in this show is the theme absence combined with a high technical level of painting. This combination is powerful enough to create a counter world of contemplation which comes as welcome and perhaps necessary when faced with the speed and artificial digital influences of life in the world today. Through the slowness inherent in the medium of the paint one can sink and come back to the authentic experiences of the human condition. These works are magical and silent but also touching, poignant and they are warning us in a very subtle way - even if the world won't listen. U.G.