Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery

Alice Stepanek & Steven Maslin, Dénesh Ghyczy, Frank Herzog,
Bodo Rott, Alexander von Schlieffen, Armin Subke und Attila Szűcs.

Opening: Sunday, 5 November 2023 from 2 to 6 p.m.

Seven large-format works will redefine the old brick barn and focus on the concept of space. The starting point are the various studio rooms in which the dimensions of the works were consciously determined before the creation process began. A future exhibition space or the final space in which the work will be permanently housed is of great importance, but plays little role in the artistic decision-making process. It is the challenge of thinking big and overcoming boundaries that motivated an artist to create such space-filling works.

THINK BIG is an artistic invitation to see the “big picture” of our challenging world situation, to think positively and to act generously accordingly.

Seven large-scale works will redefine the concept of space in the old brick barn in Molsberg. The individual artist defines the size of the painting according to his or her vision of what he or her wants to achieve or express. These decisions are often not depending on a potential gallery space or a final location at an art collectors’ home. This upcoming exhibition is about the courage to “think bigger” as an act of creative generosity in order to envision a “bigger picture” of what is going on in those challenging and transformational times that we live in.

Oil on canvas