researching for a message

Wizard Gallery

Researching for a message


Via Vicenzo Monti 32, 20123 Milan

18 January - 20 February 2024

WIZARD is pleased to present the solo show by the Hungarian artist Attila Szűcs “Researching for a Message”.

The exhibition consists of a series of portraits, people living in a world far from the physical world, a place without gravity, the digital world. A fluctuating space in constant transformation, where we navigate through thousands of windows, data, applications and devices where the screen becomes the mirror of the individual, a common mirror that can speak to us and guide us, and we allow ourselves to be led, more or less consciously...

Attila Szűcs places at the center an empty room with the lights on, a world that cannot be turned off.

Whose side are we on? Will the mirror/screen decide who we are...?

Installation photos: Antonio Maniscalco

Invitation card

Arte N., 605, 2/1/2024

Images from the opening:

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The Dinner