PhillipsX is proud to announce SEEING RED, a selling exhibition curated by Jane Neal and Fru Tholstrup. Born from the curators’ shared passion for championing artistic independence and individuality, this exhibition brings together established figures and emerging talents united in how they each “see red” whether it be anger, passion, fear or love. This show offers a re-examination of art today and also an opportunity for the visitor to indulge the senses - be they olfactory, aural, touch or taste. SEEING RED colours our lives. It is bold, it is visceral, it is now.

Participating artists: Marina Abramović, Miles Aldridge, Charming Baker, Helen Beard, Alma Berrow, Lara Bohinc, Charlie Boothright, Mircea Cantor, Rob and Nicky Carter, Dale Chihuly, Charlotte Colbert, The Connor Brothers, Jack Coulter, Kathy Dalwood, Martin Eder, Maryam Eisler, Laura Ford, Alexis Soul-Gray, Azzi Glasser, Williams Godrich, Guggi, Matouš Háša, Michael Kirkman, LionHeart, Daniel Lismore, Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz, W.K Lyhne, Carolina Mazzolari, Kate MccGwire, Justin Mortimer, David Brian Smith, Fredrikson Stallard, Attila Szűcs, Maria Thurn und Taxis, Gabriela Vanga, Mariano Vivanco, Antoine Wagner, Stephen Webster, Sue Webster, Jonathan Yeo.

Phillips London
30 Berkeley Square
London W1J 6EX (map)

16 – 24 March 2024
Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00am - 6:00pm

Sales & Exhibition Inquires
Cristina Tafuri
Head of Global Exhibitions, Private Sales


The Financial Times, 29 February, Exclusive announcement of SEEING RED featured in Melanie Gerlis’ Art Market Column.pdf

The Financial Times_16 March_Laura Bohinc SEEING RED.pdf

Observer, 15 March, Beyond Sex and Anger ‘SEEING RED’ at Phillips London Invites Reflection.pdf

List of works PDF:


Girl with Lightbox in Hypercube, oil on canvas. 240x200cm. 2019.

Study of Dreamer, oil on gesso on plywood, 50x50cm. 2022-23.